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Introducing the May drop from CAPECAPE. Denim sets, baby tees, and vibrant pink fuse streetwear with feminine elegance. Stand out in any cityscape these unique pieces.


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"CAPECAPE has been created to make you feel confident and strong - just like when you put on a cape" - Emilie.

The Danish content creator Emilie Briting is the face behind CAPECAPE. Emilie has always dreamt of starting her own company and when Emilie got in touch with the team behind RLVNZ, she felt that both the team and timing were right.

 The experiences she has built so far in her career as a creator and SOME person have been her inspiration from the beginning. So has her love for great clothing, “Since I was little, I have always cared a lot about clothing. Every piece of clothing I wore needed to fit perfectly - in the way it felt, looked and so on.” 

CAPECAPE is the culmination of all the above. The right timing and team combined with, Emilie’s experiences from her career and her love for great clothing.  Now she has created this brand for all of you, who also love clothing that both feels and looks great! 

The Brand Name

Emilie found it hard to come up with a name for the new brand. She finally came to a point in the process of designing the clothing where she needed to make a decision. Suddenly, the word CAPE came to mind. Immediately, she felt that the meaning of the word made sense for her vision of the brand. 

So what is the definition of cape?,  Emilie asked herself and ended up looking up the word in the good old Urban Dictionary. This was the answer she got:

“A cape is a totally awesome article of clothing item. Almost anybody who wears a cape will look cool, and anybody who is badass can greatly benefit from wearing a cape.”

 For Emilie the word got a whole new meaning and she fell even more in love with the brand name. But you cannot name a brand after a clothing item. Therefore, Emilie ended up naming her brand CAPECAPE. 

The Inspiration

In general, Emilie finds her inspiration through people - strangers on the street and her inner circle of friends. The hip hop universe has also influenced her style a lot throughout the years and lastly, she gets a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram.

 Her inspiration comes to life in all the CAPECAPE styles she has designed. If Emilie was to describe the overall style of CAPECAPE’s different designs she would mention:” street, comfortable and effortless”. To Emilie “Less is more” and that is what she wants to reflect in CAPECAPE as well. 

 Timeless and comfortable, yet trendy designs are the definition of all the styles that you will find from CAPECAPE. This has been Emilie’s intention from the beginning - to design good quality and timeless clothing that will last for a lifetime. 

“We are excited to have you join us on this journey and can’t wait to see how you will express yourself with CAPECAPE” - Emilie and the RLVNZ team.

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