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"Where friendship meets fashion in perfect harmony" - Founded on the belief that a good friend is the ultimate style companion

The two content creators Louise Madsen and Katrina Maria have been friends for years and have always shared the same passion for fashion and the creative industry. DUO22 has been born from a shared dream, Louise and Katrina have always wanted to create a unique space for their creative expressions and love for fashion combined in one.

The Brand Name

Katrina and Louise find the true essence of friendship in their
ability to complement and uplift each other, much like two pieces of a puzzle that seamlessly interlock. This philosophy forms the very core of DUO22, where the number '22' signifies not only a numerical sequence but also the profound bond between these two friends.

The essence of DUO22 encapsulates the notion that as a duo, individuals can gracefully navigate through the complexities of both fashion trends and life's unpredictable journeys. Beyond being just a brand, DUO22 stands as a jubilant tribute to the profound influence of friendship and shared interests.

"We cannot wait for you to join the DUO22 community and as well see you in all your new DUO styles"

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