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"The brand full of comfortably stylish stuff with and attitude and lots of colors and big prints" - Created for the worlds Gonnabes and their friends

The Danish YouTuber, actress and content creator Anna Munch is the face behind the brand ÖHOUSE.

Anna has always been passionate about inspiring others, and until now, she has done so through her work as a creator and actress. When the RLVNZ team made it possible for Anna to build her own brand, she suddenly saw a tremendous opportunity to build one that would celebrate uniqueness and empower individuals to express themselves through clothing filled with vibrant colors and bold prints.

Therefore ÖHOUSE has been created based on Anna's life philosophy that you should always strive to be the best version of yourself and believe that the world is full of possibilities and adventures if you are willing to work hard for it.

"This brand is a tribute to all those who stand out a little and a support for those who dare to do so - intentionally." - Anna

The Brand Name

In the early stages of the process, Anna was very confident that her brand should be named after her beloved dog Bjørn, but she wanted to give it a twist by spelling it "Björn" instead. The RLVNZ team and Anna discussed it but decided to brainstorm some other ideas. They agreed to keep the letter "Ö" as Anna became fond of it. From there, they brainstormed and discussed the essence of Anna's new brand - it's not just a brand, it's a community, a home where everyone is welcome. They combined these ideas and came up with the brand name ÖHOUSE. As a result, you will always find Anna's recognizable logo Ö in her drops, as it has become her distinctive logo.

"Ö House exists because you should be able to distinguish yourself from others - In your yearbook and in life"

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